Together At Last Sweater
Together At Last Sweater
Together At Last Sweater

Together At Last Sweater

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The Together at Last Sweater is the second pattern in our range that combine both knitting and crochet. An homage to our two favourite crafts, Together at Last combines the unique qualities and strengths of knitting and crochet.

Made with a classic granny stitch, from the top down, and with stitches picked up from the crochet edge of the yoke.

Available in 12 sizes.

100% wool worsted weight
Dererum Natura - Gilliat
MC - poivre et sel
CC (yoke) - ciel


Size A: MC 327m/357 yd, CC 120m/131 yd 
Size B: MC 350m/382 yd, CC 165m/180yd 
Size C: MC 374m/409 yd, CC 185m/202 yd 
Size D: MC 383m/418 yd, CC 210m/229yd
Size E: MC 404m/441 yd, CC 245m/267 yd 
Size F: MC 563m/615 yd, CC 267m/291 yd 
Size G: MC 707m/773 yd, CC 280m/306 yd
Size H: MC 914m/999 yd, CC 305m/333 yd
Size I:  MC 925 m/1011 yd, CC 330 m/360 yd
Size J: MC 950m/1038 yd, CC 355m/388 yd
Size K: MC 1105 m/1208 yd, CC 375 m/410 yd

Meterage/yardage for this pattern is calculated by average quantities used by test knitters and is our best estimate of the yarn required for each size.